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    I’ve always loved a good workout. I grew up playing sports and having workouts as a class in my school day. Throughout nursing school, most of my activities were exercises of the mind. It was difficult to find time to workout when most of my time was spent trying to expand my brain muscles to fit in the countless pages of notes. Physically, I was out of shape. Once my brother got engaged, and I was asked to be a bridesmaid: GULP! I needed to get in shape! That’s when I was introduced to Orange Theory Fitness that seriously CHANGED MY WORKOUT GAME. I had never had workouts like these before in the BEST ways! To make the workout even more appealing to my science nerd self, it has a scientific theory behind their workouts. I got in shape, I lost weight, and after 3 years, I am still a member and go as often as I can! Here are just a few reasons I LOVE this workout!


    1. The Heart Rate Monitor: A unique piece to the Orange Theory workout is that you wear a heart rate monitor throughout the whole class. It connects to their program, and the whole class you are able to see your heart rate, the percentage of your heart you are using, how many calories you’ve burned, and the colored zone you are in.
    2. The ability to TAILOR the workout to YOU: Like I said, I had REALLY gotten out of shape! I needed a class with cardio and weights, and I needed something that could meet me at my physical needs currently. The class was just that! The workout consists of running on treadmill, rowing, and the weight room. The treadmill blocks consist of a mixture of base pace, push pace, and all out pace. The key is YOU pick your own base, and the push and all out pace is built upon your base. When I first started, my base was lower because I could not run as fast for as long. The more in shape I got, the more I was able to increase my base pace. All of our bodies are different so tailor the workout to you! Whatever meets your physical needs at the time is where you can start. The class doesn’t make everyone get on the treadmill and SPRINT at an 8 or 9 speed. Some sprints might be at a 6 speed, and that is perfect for you! And that’s what is perfect about class!
    3. It is a competition with YOURSELF: This one similar to the above reason, but each class I am always trying to “PUSH” (HA) myself to be a little better than the class before. Maybe one class our base can be 0.1 higher than the last. It is all about you and your personal best. No one else matters.
    4. The workouts are ALWAYS different: This is the reason I have been able to stick with this workout for three years and still LOVE it. Walking into class I am in anticipation for how the template will be set up. Each class has a different focus: endurance, strength, or power. Endurance is longer push pace and base pace with more reps in the weight room. Power is shorter pushes into all outs and more active moves in the weight room. Strength has inclines on the treadmill with less reps in the weight room allowing for picking up heavier weights. The opportunities are endless with blocks being different and then there is always a creative way that the blocks are strung together. Some days will be better than others, but you can always expect something new.
    5. THE TRAINERS: Orange Theory Fitness Green Hills has been my home studio since I became a member. My face is familiar there, and they know my name. I’ve created relationships with the trainers, and they have seen first hand my fitness journey. There is something so special about that. It allows for the group class trainer to still feel like personal trainer. I am comfortable talking with them about my fitness and nutrition goals. Weight gain and weight loss is a vulnerable topic, so it means a lot to have a trusting team rooting for you. The trainer walks you through the whole class with a microphone telling you what to do when, and the trainer does a demonstration of your weight room moves. They are also there to correct you to keep you as safe as possible.
    6. THE ZONES: There are certain zones attributed to different colors, and the colored zones have to do with the percentage of your heart that you are using at that time. Base pace is all about the GREEN zone. It is an active zone, but one that your heart could withstand for miles at a time. THE ORANGE ZONE is key, and it is the anaerobic zone where you are depriving your body of oxygen. Our body has to work in overdrive. You do not want to be in the orange zone the WHOLE class. This is the zone you want to be in during your push pace and all out pace. The red zone is also for push and all out paces, and it is the highest zone your heart can be in. Your heart is using a LOT of effort to keep you at this pace. Most likely, you are sprinting or rowing at your max wattage.
    7. The ORANGE THEORY: As catchy and intriguing as the name is, there IS actually a scientific theory behind the madness. This theory is one of the BIGGEST appeals! It is why I believe I have been able to lose so much weight and stay in such great shape. In the workout once you have hit the minute mark of being in the ORANGE zone, you will see 1 SPLAT point appear in your square on screen. Once you hit 12 splat points or more, you get the AFTERBURN! This means that now you are going to continue burning calories at an accelerated rate for the next 24-36 hours. Essentially you’ve hit a point where your body’s demand for oxygen to recover causes a healthy overdrive of your heart. After many orange theory classes, you are boosting your activity level and metabolism. You are able to be more active and jump through these heart rate zones like a champ!

    There are so many more reasons this workout keeps me coming back for more! I would love to tell you more if you have personal questions! Your first class is FREE, and I HIGHLY recommend trying it out no matter what your fitness background is. This workout is so special to me, and I’ve seen myself grow so much from it! It can be that for you too! Sometimes all it takes is the first step out of your comfort zone. I was so intimidated at first, but I would HATE it if my intimidation kept me from going to my first class. I’ll totally join you if you need someone to go with.

    Love always!

    Katie Girl


    Katie Garrett. Nashville Native. Cardiac Nurse. Belmont University Alum. Enneagram 2w3. Reader. Writer. Starbucks Lover. Jesus makes my heart happy. Daughter. Sister. Sister in Law. Cousin. Niece. Forever indebted to Jesus Christ.

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