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  • About

    Hello and welcome to my page!

    I am Katie Garrett as known as Katie Girl. I love all things with sparkle, smiles, and Starbucks!

    I am a Nashville native, cardiac nurse at Saint Thomas West, Belmont University Alum, Enneagram 2w3, iced coffee lover (specifically Starbucks lover!), reader, writer, Orange Theory Fitness advocate, movie/TV show quoter, and most importantly a follower of Jesus Christ.

    I have always been a very passionate person. Mixed with the fact that I love to talk and to write— especially on my passions—this blog began as an outlet to share all that I love and what allows for a joyful heart even in the midst of ugly or hard chapters of your story. In doing this, I hope to build others up with positivity and encouragement sprinkled in my posts.

    Everyone has a “brand of beautiful” to offer the world, and by sharing my passions, I hope to facilitate others to find and chase their passions that flaunt that beauty. 

    Three focused passions include: the city of Nashville, faith in Jesus, and many different lifestyle topics including fashion, style, my nursing career and work in general, adulting, travel, books I enjoy, the Enneagram, fitness, family and friend moments, and more.

    I am no expert at anything, and I do not write or share claiming to be. I am still learning everyday! However, I hope all that I am learning can be helpful to someone. In sharing these topics, tricks, and trades, I hope to help or inspire or help someone else. 

    We are called to be a fountain, not a drain, and I feel called to share my story and all that I am learning in the everyday. 

    I hope you will follow along with me on this journey. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, prayer requests, don’t hesitate to contact me!

    *Let’s cultivate a spirit and heart of encouraging one another, celebrating each other’s stories, and living out your brand of beautiful in life.*

    This is why I write, why I celebrate everyday, and why joy can be found in the mundane. And that’s what you can expect here.

    Thanks for being here!

    Love Always, 

    Katie Girl 

    Nashville was recently named the “friendliest city”, and I believe it is because of how kind the residents are. I promote kindness through Nashville merchandise. Read more on that here. Those items can be purchased here.