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  • Appreciate the Journey

    Hello Friends! This is a longer post today, but hang with me here! 🙂 

    I had a pretty cool thing happen to me yesterday with the way the Lord was working and teaching me with something I’ve been struggling with. 

    Recently, I have been more burdened by the goals I have in life, my career, relationships, etc. Life is such a journey, but sometimes it seems that my journey is taking forever. I just want to meet my goals.

    I’ve found myself more bummed at how much time it is taking to make the changes I want to make. 

    There is only so much strength I have to keep reassuring myself of the fact that things don’t change overnight. 

    Welp as I said, something so cool happened!

    One of my dear friends texted me less than 24 hours ago about this same struggle. She wanted advice on the very thing I was struggling with. In efforts to help her, I had to articulate the exact words of advice I needed.  

    Then I picked up the book I’ve been reading to dive into the next chapter. As I opened my kindle to begin, the title of the chapter was, “It Takes Time”. I was desperately opening this book for advice as it has been a good source of advice lately. The first words I see were those. “IT” being my goals, career changes, and life feats take time. 

    If that is not God trying to tell me something, I don’t know what is. 

    So my take away: My journey, though it seems long, is only going to enhance the destination.  

    However, I get it! Living reassured of that message is way easier said than done! 

    In the midst of the mundane, every step and task is contributing to who we are and who we will be. 

    In the chapter I read, Rick Warren writes, “Be patient with God and with yourself. One of life’s frustrations is that God’s timetable is rarely the same as ours” (Warren 220). Often, I am impatient, but this was such a good reminder to be patient on the journey. 

    The Lord is at work, even if my circumstances are not directly producing an immediate result or the outcome that I can see or that I want. 

    So as I cope with the fact that my journey feels even longer than a marathon, the destination will be all the sweeter. The Lord is working in me and through me every day. Though I am not where I want to be, I am not where I was a year ago. 

    And the same goes for you! Appreciate the journey. The destination will be that much sweeter and that much more successful. 

    Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps and enhances your journey! 

    Love always, 

    Katie Girl 


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