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  • Be a RISK TAKER for God!

          I definitely am the type of person that is always trying new
    things and does not let the fear get in the way of trying the new hottest
    trick. In other words, I am definitely a daredevil along with my brothers. We
    are always trying to conquer flips, double flips, and gainers from cliffs! This
    daredevil characteristic is how we should approach our faith! Now I am not at
    all saying to strengthen your relationship with God, you need to go do a double
    back flip off a rope swing!

    However, we should always be taking risks for the sake of God’s Kingdom! 

    It is easy in this world to get caught up in an every day routine that is similar to everyone’s routine. Living this way begins to just be a series of motions. God calls us to go against this lifestyle, and rather than be like everyone, we should SHINE for JESUS! Don’t let your life be a boring series of actions; Instead, start to take risks to enhance God’s Kingdom. I hope that when an opportunity presents itself for me to share the
    Good News of the Gospel to someone who needs it the most, I am able to see that
    open door and run right through
    bursting forth a beacon of God’s Light. There
    are so many people that will try to get you to play it safe! Jesus came and
    paved a narrow way that is full of moments where we may be uncomfortable or
    have to challenge ourselves to take tasks head on.

    However, Jesus was the ultimate Risk Taker, who laid down his life for us, SO THAT HIS POWER may be shown through you to proclaim His NAME.  

    Let God lead your life through any risk you may face, and REMEMBER to NEVER let fear stand in the way of enhancing God’s Kingdom. God says “FEAR NOT!” so many times in the Bible, and He says this because HE WILL NEVER GIVE YOU A RISK that the God in you cannot handle! God’s strength will always prevail in any weak moment you may face! NEVER LET FEAR STAND IN YOUR WAY! SHINE GOD’S LIGHT SO BRIGHT, and NEVER LET YOUR LIGHT BE BLOWN OUT!


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