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  • Beauty is God Inspired

    HEllO lovelies!

    If you live in Nashville, Tennessee, you witnessed such a beautiful, fall day today! Wow I am just constantly in awe of this Beautiful Earth — this raw creation made by our even more beautiful Father in Heaven. This day just made me so appreciative of God and His presence. Today, his love was overflowing for me, and in hopes to share some of that love, I have a message on God’s beautiful masterpieces!

    SO here it goes!

    The cool thing about everything made by God is that not only is it beautiful, but it is intentional, and most importantly, it is a reflection of HIM! Everything about your God-inspired soul is part of a greater, bigger purpose.

    However, we do not always choose to believe these things about ourselves. The world can tend to bring negativity and self-doubt, and this only furthers us from achieving our goals and pursuing our passions. We lose a sense of ourselves because of the doubts we have, but the thing about doubting ourselves is that it doubts our Creator!

    In an incredible book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge, Stasi describes what a woman’s hearts want so much. She says, “We desire to possess a beauty that is worth pursuing, worth fighting for, a beauty that is core to who we truly are…”. We want to feel worthy, but the world no longer tells us that because of the fall. Therefore, we are brought down, we feel unwanted, and we become powerless. These negative thoughts and feelings are insulting, but they are more insulting to the one that worked so hard to create you!


    simply because of our designer!

    We were designed and perfected by the utmost, most beautiful being that is forever and always, the beginning and the end. Wear out your beauty LOUDLY and BOLDLY! Someone out there needs your beauty, but most importantly God needs it. This beauty shines a light unlike any other and produces power for God’s Kingdom.

    SO the next time you have negative thoughts about
    yourself, remember that that negative energy is hurting yourself and its hurting
    God–your Father and your Creator.

    The next time you see a beautiful sunset and thank God
    for the view, Thank him also for making you perfectly just as he did the Earth.

    Love always! G2G (Glory to God!)


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