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  • Birthdays: Thank you for a Fabulous Day!

    Wow. Birthdays are just so fabulous, and I am so happy that they are a thing. I had a birthday yesterday, and the outpouring of love I received made me smile from ear to ear all day long.

    Thank you to my family-Mom, Dad, Kile, Ren, John, and Jim- for the unconditional love and loyalty over these 26 years. I am so happy God made me your daughter/sister!

    Also thank you to my extended family- my aunts, uncles, and cousins! The love you give is unbeatable.

    Thank you to my friends for absolutely spoiling me with surprises and love and knowing me so well! I grinned at every text, Facebook/Instagram post, surprise at 806, gift, decoration, etc.

    Most importantly, thank you to Jesus for these 26 years and for allowing such blessings to walk into my life. What a journey life is. There are so many highs, so many lows, and so many in betweens. Thanks Jesus for staying constant and pursuing my heart every day!

    I am so thankful for my journey. Sometimes I am directionally challenged, but I am reassured to keep my eyes on Jesus to know which way to turn.

    Recently, I have been very into the Enneagram. It is one of my favorite things right now! I am a 2 on the Enneagram, and one of 2’s greatest fears is feeling unloved, unwanted, or not needed. Well let me tell you: yesterday, I felt enough love to squash that fear to the depths of hell. I am so thankful for my people! If I have my fam, friends, and Jesus, 26 ain’t got nothing on me.

    Thank you Lord for exhibiting this verse to me through others everyday.

    Some pictures from the festivities!

    Family Birthday Weekend at the Lake:


    I came home to decorations and then a dinner at Bar Taco:

    ^^Excuse the bad quality; this was a boomerang! ^^



    Then my bros gave me a killer workout for my birthday:

    Then I got my nails done and had a pool day filled with heart to hearts with this rockstar:

    And I ended the day with dinner fun with the world’s greatest family! No pics unfortunately!

    I just LOVE birthdays!

    Thanks again to everyone for just simply reading this post. It means so much to have you here.

    Love always,

    Katie Girl


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