• Change has always been really hard for me.  I am someone that loves tradition …

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  • Hello Friends! I have a pretty vulnerable topic to share with you all today, and …

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  • Though quarantine has been an abnormal reality for most of us, there have been a …

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  • Happy Nurse’s Week!  I am very thankful for the profession of nursing, …

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  • Happy May friends! It has been a LONG two months of social distancing and quarantining. …

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  • Hello Friends!  I apologize for my silence on the blog lately! BUT I have …

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  • It is hard to believe that February is coming to a close. Wasn’t …

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  • Friends! I am super excited for something new starting for the “That’s …

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  • Faith

    This is where I share all things about my faith: lessons the Lord is teaching me, prayers, theological books I am reading, and most importantly how much I love Jesus. He is my foundation and my “why”, and His abundant love and grace cannot be altered.

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