• Hello Friends! So as some of you may know, July is my birthday month!  …

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  • Hello friends! Today, I wanted to share something recently on my heart that I’…

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  • Hello friends! Can you believe it is already the month of June?! I think all …

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  • Change has always been really hard for me.  I am someone that loves tradition …

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  • Hello Friends! I have a pretty vulnerable topic to share with you all today, and …

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  • Though quarantine has been an abnormal reality for most of us, there have been a …

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  • Happy Nurse’s Week!  I am very thankful for the profession of nursing, …

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  • Happy May friends! It has been a LONG two months of social distancing and quarantining. …

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  • Little Life Moments

    Life is meant to be lived to the full with the people you love. Here are some little life moments with my people at various Nashville venues, traveling, celebrating, and doing life. The little life moments have the most lasting effects and bring the most joy. The most life is found in the little moments.

    Birthday Recap with 27th Year Reflections
    Life Lately: The Month of May
    Change: A Lesson on Accepting the Inevitable
    Self Reflection: Especially Appropriate for an Enneagram 2
    Travel before Quarantine: Big Sky, Montana
    Life Lately: The Month of February
    Life Lately: The Month of January
    My Dream Board 2020
    Nashville Guide: Christmas Edition
    Thanksgiving Recap
    Life Lately: The Cudmore Wedding
    Your Reaction Matters
    Life Lately: Amy’s Beach Bach Bash
    Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mother!
    I can’t forgive you yet…
    A Spirit of Authenticity
    Appreciate the Journey
    Nashville Saturday at Arrington Vineyards
    Life Lately: Roomie was back in Town!
    Birthdays: Thank you for a Fabulous Day!