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  • Change: A Lesson on Accepting the Inevitable

    Change has always been really hard for me. 

    I am someone that loves tradition and sameness. 

    If something is going to change, I like to have a good amount of time of warning beforehand. 

    However, the only certain thing in this world is CHANGE. 

    It’s inevitable. It’s common. It’s necessary.

    Especially right now in the midst of a pandemic, there are so many changes happening daily. There’s also been a lot of changes happening in my life specifically. 

    Although necessary, the changes have not been easy. 

    Recently, a majority of my quiet times and prayers have been focused on accepting and making peace with change.  

    This has led to a couple of realizations, so if you are like me and struggle with change — maybe these things can help you too:

    1. Acceptance: For me, it’s always easier and more tempting to try to control or stop the change; however, almost all changes are out of my control. Acceptance and making peace with them is a much better use of my time than stressing to try to keep them from happening. Learning and praying for acceptance of them is a much better use of our time than trying to control or keep them from happening.
    2. Clinging to the Constant: Running and abiding in the one thing that NEVER changes: The Lord. The only constant in the midst of so much change is Our God. He is walking us through the fires. He provides peace and strength for us to cling to. He is right beside us. Not in front, not behind, but right beside—carrying us, upholding us, directing our steps. 
    3. Intentional Practice: As most lessons, they are easier said than done. It takes intentional practice and active reminders that change is something out of your control and to accept it. It takes intentional practice and active reminders that the Lord is present directing our steps through change. Give yourself grace and then redirect your thoughts to eternal Truths. 

    Change is a good thing. It is how the world, relationships, and communities evolve for the better. It is necessary, but that doesn’t make it easy. 

    The response to change is important, and for me, I am able to accept and present a much better response when I remain dependent on the unchanging.

    Because of that, I choose to intentionally practice clinging to Jesus, the unchanging. For it is only Him that “is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

    May this ever changing world still allow for peace when we cling to the constant that is Jesus Christ. 

    That is my prayer for myself and for you this week! 

    Love always, 

    Katie Girl 


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