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  • My Christmas Favorites

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

    Why not share all of my Christmas favorites that get me in the Christmas spirit?!

    These are my favorites that make the Christmas season bright!

    Enjoy and share with me your very favorites!

    My Go to Sweater:

    I love love love this sweater I got from Anthropologie last year. A similar one can be found here.

    This keeps you warm, it’s comfortable, and it’s also fashionable. I like to throw this over a casual everyday outfit to make it a little dressier. It’s a great staple piece.


    My brothers and I always grew up having a sleepover in either my room or our playroom the night of Christmas Eve all giddy for Santa’s arrival! My brothers and I still do this even now grown and moved out! All 3 of my brothers and now my sister too (My brother Kile’s wife) all go to my parents house the night of Christmas Eve, and we watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey! We anxiously await Santa Claus arrival and get super excited for the Jesus’s Birthday!

    Scripture from the Christmas Story: I love Luke’s account of the Christmas story, and I was reading the story to kick off the Christmas season. As I was reading it, this verse struck me in a new way like it hasn’t before:

    There is no hesitation by the shepherds when they first see baby Jesus. That is the Him they are referring to, and upon seeing Him, they knew of his wonders and immediately began spreading the good news. It’s as if the immediate seeing or experiencing Jesus leads to the evangelizing about Him. That is key. That is the goal. That we experience Jesus so fully that it only leads to telling the world about His greatness.

    The verse even further says everyone who heard was amazed. That is how great our God is. Experiencing Him fully leads to sharing about Him, which only leaves you amazed.

    So this is one of my new favorite verses of the Christmas story in Luke 2:17-18.

    Activity: Decorating for Christmas!

    I’ve always loved the day growing up when we went to pick out our Christmas tree and we decorated it a a family. Now with my house, it is still one of my fav activities to decorate it with the roomies! I am a sucker for good Christmas decorations, so we blare Christmas music while making our house and Christmas wonderland!

    Nashville Activity in the Past: Gaylord Opryland Hotel Lights

    This is a FREE activity here in Nashville that I do every year! The Gaylord Opryland Hotel decorates to the nines for Christmas! It is absolutely fabulous. Every year leads to the conversation: I wonder how long this took them…

    Here are pictures from their website. I can’t find good pictures of mine that do the lights justice.

    Nashville New Activity for this year: Nashville Glow Holiday!

    This is a new place/activity to check out! I haven’t been yet, but I have tickets for this weekend! Be on the lookout for the pictures and stories from that.

    It’s at First Tennessee Park where the Sounds baseball team plays during their season. It has decorations and lights galore, ice skating, the largest Christmas tree, and Santa’s workshop.

    You can find the information about this place here.


    “Be Born in Me (Mary’s Song)” By Francesca Battestelli + whole Christmas album by Francesca Battestelli + the whole Christmas album by Michael Bublé

    Movie: There are so many good ones; it is so hard to choose!!!!

    Either Elf, The Santa Claus 2, or Home Alone 2.

    Decoration: This year my fav decoration my new tree skirt from The Paper Source! How cute are the little colorful pom poms on the rim!

    Ornament: My favorite ornament this year is this new Tennessee one from White’s Mercantile.

    Holiday Starbucks Drink: Venti peppermint mocha with almond milk, please?

    Holiday Candle: This candle is one of the best holiday scented candles I’ve ever had. It is from White’s Mercantile, and it has really put me in the Christmas spirit!


    I hope you enjoyed the list! Let me know if you try any of these things and what you think! Let me know your favorites!

    As I think of my of my favorite things throughout the season, I’ll add to my list!

    I hope this season is a joyous and magical as the birth of Jesus Christ!


    And Love always,

    Katie Girl




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