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  • Comparisons and The Scarcity Mentality

    Happy Thursday friends! 

    Today, I wanted to talk about comparisons:

    It being a temptation for me,

    how it can steal our joy,

    where it stems from,

    and how to tackle it.

    Comparing myself, my life, and my circumstances to that of another is a temptation I’ve had all my life and one I continue to wrestle with—especially in a time when everyone posts their lives online for everyone to see on various social medias.

    It is something that slowly creeps in as a habit without me even realizing, and the habit suddenly manifests as an ugly spirit in my heart. Comparisons steal away our joy. It is straining, burdensome, and exhausting tallying the different things a friend or a stranger on the internet may have against mine.

    I don’t have room for that in my heart, so how do I combat this?!

    Well I’ve learned that comparisons lead to one of two things—both of which are bad outcomes. 

    1. Either the comparison leads to a prideful spirit by thinking we are better than the compared thing. A prideful spirit is not a joyful one. 
    2. OR the comparison leads to an upset spirit by thinking we are not as good as the compared thing. A upset spirit is not a joyful one.  

    Often for me and maybe for you, the temptation to compare stems from the idea that there might not be enough. This is living with a “scarcity mentality”. This mentality says that when someone else has successes, we think those circumstances cannot happen for us too because there is not enough for it to happen to us both. 

    That mindset will never produce joy, and it will lead you to compare your circumstances. 

    This is where the Lord comes in.

    God brings this opposite. He brings the “abundant mentality” where there is always enough. He provides more than enough. In fact, He created you for a specific plan that no one else can fulfill. Your purpose is unique to you, and no one else can take it. 

    No one else’s successes, looks, fashion sense, circumstances, postings, accomplishments, etc. will effect that of yours.

    That said, what is the point to compare? It only yields bad outcomes—being prideful or being upset— and it has no merit against what the Lord says of us.

    There is freedom living with an abundant mindset in knowing that no matter someone else’s outcome, your outcomes and your plan is still in the works and will happen for you. 

    I’ve decided that every time I am tempted to compare, I will remind myself:

    Insulting my design is insulting to my Designer. 

    Comparing yourself—your designed plan, image, and purpose—sends the message that you do not like the specific circumstances you are in. That is insulting to both your design AND to your designer!

    God made you perfectly you, and becoming jealous or prideful from comparing will not bring joy. Those comparisons and insults on yourself will also not bring the Lord joy. He made you perfectly you, and He does not want you to be like anyone else! Just you! 

    Share your design and be kind on your own looks, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, etc. This allows for both you and the Lord to have JOY!

    I am happy the Lord designed you the way you are. Thank you for reading!

    Love always,

    Katie Girl 



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