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  • “Crave the Sweet Life”

    “I came to give you
    life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

    [Life is such a
    beautiful gift from God]

    We were given life as an opportunity to develop our gifts
    from god, celebrate our passions, and be who we were made to be. Life is not
    about the materials of this world; rather, it
    is about our memories and most importantly our experiences.

    This December, Sugar Dive, a new sweet shop is opening created by Tim and Carissa
    Pereira. The “SWEET” thing about
    this new candy store is not that it is a great place for quality desserts, but
    Mr. and Mrs. Pereira’s vision is to have Sugar Dive be more than just a place
    to get your candy fix. They want every customer to experience the joys of life when they walk in. They want it to be a
    Christian, genuine atmosphere where people
    can come to feel at home while enjoying the sweet treats. Sugar Dive’s slogan,
    Crave the Sweet Life”, not only
    refers to desiring the tasty treats, but to yearn for a life more than everyday

    It is about truly immersing
    yourself and celebrating each day.

    Life is such a beautiful gift, and God gave
    it to us to live each day to the full. Come Celebrate and immerse yourself
    into the SWEET LIFE at Sugar Dive, opening soon!

    4100 HILLSBORO




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