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  • Falling in Love with the One Most Worthy

    is amazing how GREAT and AMAZING our God is, and how one can fall IN LOVE with
    Him all over again in just 1 hour. The thing is being IN LOVE and loving
    something are COMPLETELY different. The difference lies in the fact that being
    IN love requires doing anything and everything for someone, and it is not a
    requirement at all.

    I went to sanctuary once again in a long while at Woodmont Hills Church of Christ.
    This is an hour service of singing and praising our God in Heaven. I was
    completely transformed while there. I went from acknowledging God to
    yielding to Him
    , respecting God to being in AWE of his greatness, and
    from loving God to being IN LOVE with Him
    . I began to feel God’s Holy
    Spirit around me as the whole room sang with praises to our AMAZING “good,
    good father”. This feeling was God’s cry to me to continue to be HIS and to follow and seek him in all things.

    could even begin to see myself transform into one who felt so WORTHY to
    be loved by the Lord. I was no longer just singing to God, but I was crying
    to Him. By the end of sanctuary last night, I
    knew that I had been so lost before, and I just found the missing
    piece, which was letting God’s unconditional love and grace be the driving
    force of my life.

    take the message a step further, it is important to recognize that being in
    love with God is not just about praising Him, but it is about doing
    everything He has called us to do.

    In 1 John 4:19, it says, “We love because he first loved us” 1 John 4:19

    God continues to love us
    unconditionally, and we are called to bring that love to others. So now
    that God’s love is my driving force, I am called, as we all are, to love
    others. Because I am now IN LOVE with
    God, this act of loving others is no requirement, but something I will
    continuously do to SHOW God how much I love Him.

    I am so thankful that
    God’s love transcends the time in which we are lost, and HE is PATIENT enough
    for us to wait for us to FALL for HIM again. There is no greater feeling
    than being one with the Lord.


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