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  • “God-confidence”: You are Enough.

    I‘ve been reading Rick Warrens book The Purpose-Driven Life, and I cannot brag on this book enough. I highly recommend it and have a highlighter or pen ready for so many good quotes!

    A recent favorite quote from the book is, Forget about self confidence; Its useless. Cultivate God-confidence (Warren 214). This so resonated with me! Today, I’ve really been unpacking the truth of it and why I love it so much!

    In the book, he is referring to having too much pride in ourselves, and the need to boast and be confident in God rather than ourselves. However, for me, I thought about all the times I try to be self confident in everyday life, and I often still feel less than or insecure. 

    When I read this quote, I immediately thought YES, an answer to the times when I feel self conscious. Just cultivate God confidence!

    However, what does that really look like?!

    I believe one of the biggest deterrents from being self confident is feeling like we are not enough. It may be that we dont feel pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, successful enough, etc. 

    If we dont feel enough, we wont feel self confident. 

    Heres where the God confidence comes in because to God, we are enough simply because we are His. End of story. 

    Nothing more that we do makes this any more or less of a true statement.

    I often forget that and begin to feel less than because I havent had a success or achieved enough. Shut down those feelings. 

    God would have sacrificed everything just for you!

    He loves you unconditionally and more perfectly than anyone else can. He fully knows you and fully loves you. Boast in His perfection and plan for you. 

    I hope we can all redirect ourselves to having God confidence and believe the words of what God says we are. 

    God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made in his image to carry out a plan and purpose He ordained to give a hope and a future. 

    Take comfort and security in knowing the Lord is working in you and through you everyday to carry out a purpose for His Kingdom! 

    Love always! 

    Katie Girl 



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