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    I seriously won the lottery with this man as my dad!

    Here’s why:

    A father is such an important role in a child’s life. A dad is the only father one knows until the discovery of a perfect, unconditionally loving Father in Heaven that knows your heart even more than you do. My dad knew this was his role. He recognized the honor and weight of this role, and he raised me emulating God always pointing to our Father in Heaven. My brothers and I fell in love with our Father in heaven because of the actions of our father on Earth. That is the first step to having a relationship with our God in Heaven, because once you love something, you pursue it. He essentially gave me the greatest gift-a relationship with God- because of how He imitated the Lord and pointed his actions to God.

    Thank you dad for living life like a big kid with endless joy, for being the hardest, most successful worker, and for loving everyone unconditionally. You have taught me to always believe that I can, how to never give up (uhmm half marathon in the rain!), how to submit to authority, how to be obedient to God, and how to have peace and joy even in the hardest of times. You pursued me and my heart, which is any young girl’s dream. You taught me how to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. You prayed over me every night before bed. And my dad is not perfect (sorry dad), but even if he yelled at us, he always apologized and asked for forgiveness. You know the weight of your role and carry it with ease. You are the greatest dad and deserve all the celebrations!

    So here’s to you Dad for being the best Father on Earth, but also recognizing the greatest gift you can give away to us children is to point away from yourself and to Our Father in Heaven, who is perfect, all loving, all knowing, and will pursue you until the end of time!



    Happy Birthday! I love you!

    -Your Katie Girl, dancing partner, running partner, twin, princess 🙂







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