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  • I can’t forgive you yet…

    I can’t forgive you yet, but I am trying. I haven’t forgiven you yet, but I will. 

    This past Sunday was a bad day. I normally LOVE Sundays, but not this past Sunday.

    It was a relatively uneventful day until my sister in law’s car window was shattered, her car was broken into, and my purse was stolen. 

    I am still picking up the pieces from the incident. 

    I am in the midst of ordering new license, debit cards, credit cards, AirPods, etc. trying to replace all that was taken. It was a violation. As weird as it sounds, a lot of life was in that purse. Most of monetary value while others had sentimental value. Taken. Gone. 

    There was a bit of irony in this situation due to the fact that the day before the incident, my dad and I had been talking about handling the storms we face in life. 

    We had discussed the very advice I needed in this incident the day before it happened.

    The phrase “easier said than done” came to life for me.

    The day before in our discussion I was easily in agreement with how to handle the storms of life. I just trust the Lord as He weaves together good in the midst of a storm. I just believe that God is still in control in every moment.

    However, then my purse is stolen. I’d consider this a storm as my frustration and disappointment begin to sink in. All the negative emotions begin to overtake me. 

    How is the Lord using this for good? 

    A point my dad made is what I am clinging to in this time: sometimes we are collateral damage in the storms of someone else’s life.

    On Sunday, I was collateral damage to the storm and the evil that another individual is wrestling with. This individual found value and believed it was okay to take something that didn’t belong to him/her. 

    This individual is not only wrong and wrestling with something tough, but he/she also needs love and forgiveness. 

    This is not coming easy. That act is taking time.

    I will never be able to do this with my own strength; however, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

    This is my prayer: that although I am angry that I was thrusted into a storm as collateral, I can rely on God’s strength to forgive, love, and make peace towards this individual. 

    I trust that the Lord will redeem this wrongdoing whether I see the redemption play out or not.

    This week I am praying for the storms of life whether ours or collateral storms. May we see a light in the midst of the darkness, and may we have the courage to rely on the Lord bringing redemption and weaving together something good in the midst of the hurt.

    Love always!

    Katie Girl


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