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  • Jesus, Our Friend!

    As I’ve said before, I LOVE SUNDAYS!

    It is my favorite day of the week.

    If the days of the week were students in the classroom, Sundays would definitely be my choice as the popular student.

    I love getting fancy, putting on my Sunday best for Jesus, and going to the house of the Lord. I love hearing his Word, and then spending the day meditating and resting in His reassuring words.

    It sets a beautiful tone for the week to come.

    Though this past Sunday, I remember feeling very distant from the Lord. I remember thinking Jesus felt impersonal and far from my heart.

    Definitely a “me” problem that I needed to reflect on.

    In doing so, I realized that there is a reverence to church services that is very appropriate and should never be diminished. It is His House and a place of worship, and our attendance should honor and serve Him as it is a privilege to dwell in such a place.

    However, in the midst of my reverence, my prayer is to never lose site of the fact that the owner of this house is the house of a FRIEND and the same God that is with me everyday.

    It is not the house of a distant God sitting on a throne miles away.

    Jesus wants our reverence, but He wants to be our FRIEND. He wants the exact you that you are day in and day out.

    Our reverence should never steer us away from Lord, but rather it should point more towards how personal, real, and authentic God is. He wants to enjoy you in His house as much as We enjoy dwelling in His home.

    I was reminded of a book I’ve read before about the very core of who God is: “Delighting in the Trinity” By Matthew Reeves. God is not an impersonal God that sits on a stool from above commanding us. God is a very real, authentic God that wants a relationship with His Children more than anything. At His very core and the thing that brings Him the MOST JOY is the invitation to be infused into every aspect of our lives. Hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly, and sharing in those moments together as one.

    The cool thing is this friend is one that far better understands, listens, and comforts than any other friend!

    Pretty awesome to have an all access pass to the smartest, most loving, wisest, most powerful being there ever was, right?

    My prayer is that we all come to know Jesus as a friend and a very personal God that wants all of who you are. Under no circumstances does the Lord ever reject you!

    He wants every version of your picture: the good ones, the candids, and the out takes (see below!)

    Love always!

    Katie Girl


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