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  • Life Lately: The Month of May

    Hello friends!

    Can you believe it is already the month of June?!

    I think all my posts that recap the months begin with “omg how is it [insert next month]?!” 

    But because of the pandemic, March-May feels like they almost didn’t happen because not much productivity or events happened. Spring was a very different type of spring this 2020! 

    Thankfully, May was the beginning of life resuming and quarantine ending. Still keeping distance, I did actually get a chance to do some things.

    Some big milestones happened: launched new tanks, my dad’s bday, my roomie got engaged, got to meet my bestie’s baby girl, the first big lake weekend! It’s was a good month!

    Here’s some pics and a recap of this month!:

    At the beginning of May, I launched my new “That’s How we Nashville” summer tank with a Covid-19 theme. The front phrase is “Flattened the Curve” with “That’s How We Nashville”. You can shop those here.


    Then my dad had a birthday as well as my aunt, so we had an outside celebratory family social distant gathering.


    Then, my long time roomie girl got engaged to the love of her life! <3

    So the house had a goofy night celebrating with Cinco Margs and Nothing Bund’t Cakes!

    This month also consisted of nurse’s week. Work is picking back up census wise, so this month consisted of some tough shifts.


    That lunch break brief smile 🙂 :

    Did some running with pretty views.

    Another BIG highlight of May was getting to meet my lifelong best friend’s BABY GIRL: Lydia!

    My new littlest bestie girl! She is absolutely precious, and it was pretty awesome seeing your friend in full on mom mode!


    This month we also had our family dog that I’ve had most of my life put to sleep. She had cancer that had spread, was unable to walk anymore, and had very labored breathing.

    She was the sweetest, most loyal dog. I still remember picking her out from her litter and taking her home. I cherish all the memories with sweet Macy, and I have hope that she is now pain free with Jesus.

    Finally the last weekend of May, Memorial Day weekend, was our first big weekend at the lake. What a great family weekend!


    Thankful for family, for those that serve our country, and for the heroes that have fought for our country and our freedom.

    Also this was one of my last pictures of the month of May to shed some light on the importance of LOVE and KINDNESS: two acts that force out darkness and evil.

    Here’s to a new month with more memories, more blessings, more love, and more kindness.

    Love always,

    Katie Girl


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