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  • Movie Messages: Our lives are Intentionally Arranged

    I LOVE movies, but I
    particularly love the ones that carry messages in subtle, discrete ways. Many
    movies tend to intertwine powerful, practical lessons, and the movie always
    impacts a person more when he or she takes away something to enhance him or her
    as a person. For an example, “So Much
    is a post of mine about a movie message in Dr. Suess’s The Lorax. This explains a message
    embedded into a Dr. Suess classic.

    Like in the way movies have a way of discretely sharing messages, God has a way of weaving his way into our
    lives, revealing himself in magical ways
    . At Belmont University, where I
    attend college, there is a jar on the workout front desk labeled “Spiritual
    Vitamins.” This is filled with many different bible verses on slips of paper
    rolled up. This is supposed to build you up after a great workout, and what I
    find most amazing about this jar is that whenever a grab a scripture, it always
    applies and comforts me with what I have been struggling with that day. God is
    our grand weaver, who entwines himself into our lives each day. Be aware of the
    fact that He has intentionally arranged our lives to praise and love and carry
    out a purpose for Him. Each day, be aware that God wants to be on your mind in
    every decision and action, and He is constantly with you yearning to reveal
    Himself to you. 


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