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  • Nashville Guide: 12 South

    Hello Friends! Happy Sunday!

    If you have seen my “That’s How We Nashville” instagram, you know that I have started a new series on this Nashville platform to celebrate the people and places of Nashville. I have featured a couple of people so far, and I would love to feature you to celebrate and share your story if you are interested!

    In this same series, I am also featuring Nashville places! There are many places to visit that make Nashville such a special experience. It is a beautiful city that consists of more than just downtown. It has many different sub areas filled with shops, restaurants, boutiques, places to see, pictures to take, etc.

    Today, I want to feature my first place as a part of this series, and because of the lengthy caption to fill in all the details of the place, I decided to write a whole post with pictures and details.

    First up: 12 South

    I was just there a couple of weeks ago, and it was just making my heart so happy at how cool Nashville really is. Even as a native, I still find so much joy going to these more touristy places. It is always decorated for the season, so there was a nice pumpkin patch to get pumpkins and made it feel so much like fall.

    While there walking around, I took a few pictures and videos that I clipped into pictures for the sake of this post making them look a little blurry. Emphasis on a few, so disclaimer that some of these pictures I did not take. Most were found on google from various other websites that I cite at the end.

    Now let’s break down all the places that make 12 South worth a visit while in Nashville.

    So 12 South— a name cleverly coined for a strip of boutiques, places to eat, coffee shops and more on 12 Avenue South in Nashville, TN.

    This strip of shops and stops is a great place to walk around on a beautiful Nashville day. It also has apartment complexes that are hip and trendy making 12 South an appealing area to live.

    There are a lot of safe pedestrian walks, plenty of sidewalk space, and an understanding from drivers to drive slow as it is a heavy pedestrian area. 

    It is safe, fun, kind, and bright. Just as all the sub areas here in Nashville, cause That’s how we Nashville.

    I am going to share some of my favorite places, but this is not a full list!

    Places worth visiting to eat include:

    1. Bar Taco: a fresh, fancy Mexican restaurant with the best tacos and margaritas in town. Their ingredients are fresh and healthy and the ambiance is hip and trendy. I highly recommend a dinner here.

    2. Mafiaozas: an Italian restaurant with the greatest pizza and a two for one drink happy hour special on Tuesday nights! This restaurant is with the red tent pictured here. 

    3. Taqueria del Sol: another amazing place to get tacos and margaritas that are fresh and creative with a cool atmosphere to eat in.

    4. Burger Up: Some of the best burgers in town reside here with my favorite sweet potato fries, though regular fries are available as well! Just as every restaurant in 12 South, the ambiance is hip and trendy that make for a fabulous meal.

    5. Edley’s Bar-B-Que: A close rival to Martin’s Bar-B-Que is Edley’s located in 12 South.

    There are more places worth eating at including The Cookery that gives back to the homeless community amongst many more.

    Boutiques and places to shop:

    1. Draper James: Reese Witherspoon created this store that radiates her style, trends, and favorite things. Upon entering, it is so Reese Witherspoon with collared dresses and colored patterns. It is so fun just to walk through. 

    2. White’s Mercantile: A great shop to get a large variety of cute things from clothing to home decor to Nashville Trinkets and more. It such a cute boutique worth walking around in to see the unique variety of things. 

    3. Vinnie Louise: Talk about the best Fashion, Vinnie Louise stays hip and trendy with the best seasonal selection of in style clothing. 

    4. Finnleys: This was a new one for me that I had not been in until a couple of weeks ago, but it also has a great selection of fashionable pieces that made me want to buy the whole store. There is also a selection of Nashville t-shirts and hats if you are looking for something to rep the city. 

    There is also Blush Boutique, Judith Bright Nashville, e.Allen Boutique, and more. These original, unique boutiques have the cutest clothes that are fun just to simply look in even if you are not looking to spend money. 

    Coffee Shops and Treats: 

    1. Frothy Monkey: This is such a homie coffee shop with the best coffee, treats, bakery items, and a full meal menu.

    2. White Bison Coffee: I must confess that I personally have not had the coffee at White Bison, but I hear people rave about how good and authentic it tastes. They also offer food and pastries to start your morning or pick you up in the afternoon.

    3. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream: One of the very best ice cream stops you can make. This is a bold statement, but so deserving due to Jeni’s unique flavors offerings and the creamiest, sweetest textured bites. Jeni’s creates their own flavors that are only found there including their brambleberry crisp, wildberry lavender, and gooey butter cake.

    4. Las Paletas Popsicles: Here is where you can find the most refreshing popsicles on a hot, summer day. Another place where they make their own popsicles with unique flavors that are only found there.

    Among these, there is also Five Daughter’s Bakery with the greatest donuts to ever touch your taste buds that are homemade and fresh as well as Christie Cookies with the greatest cookie melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookie!

    Murals for Pictures:

    1. “I Believe in Nashville”: One of the most famous, long standing murals in Nashville is found in 12 South. It is a classic to Nashville, and did you really visit Nashville without a picture here? Haha. As always, everyone is kind enough to take pictures of one another if you need a group shot or someone to take your picture. While I was there a couple weeks ago, I snapped a bachelorette party group in front of the sign.

    This is the most noteworthy mural in 12 South, but there are many more fun, brightly colored walls for all pictures and poses.


    There is so much to see in 12 South, and even if you are not looking to buy or eat or take pictures, it is a worthwhile experience to walk and enjoy the atmosphere filled with bright colors, bright people, and bright attitudes.

    It is just one of the many places that makes Nashville so special.

    Visit, Celebrate, and Enjoy 12 South. That’s How we Nashville.

    Visit 12 South and see for yourself how fabulous it is!

    Love always!

    Katie Girl


    Picture Citations:

    As I said, pictures above are not all taken by myself. Most are from various google searches from different websites including:

    NashvilleGuru.com; StyleBluePrint.com; MusiccityHighway.com; Communityimpact.com; Apartmentfinder.com; Eatonthehouse.com; Morethanamainstreet.com; travel.usanews.com


    Katie Garrett. Nashville Native. Critical Care Nurse. Belmont University Alum. DNP Student. Enneagram 2w3. Reader. Writer. Starbucks Lover. Jesus makes my heart happy. Daughter. Sister. Sister in Law. Cousin. Niece. Forever indebted to Jesus Christ.

    Find me on: Web | Instagram | Facebook


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