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  • Nashville Guide: Christmas Edition

    Hello Friends!

    So Christmas Day is 1 week away (that rhymes and wasn’t on purpose… always great when that happens!)

    Time to wrap up and get all those gifts ready. Also Christmas sweaters are out and in full swing for me! I found this one at Target this year, and I am loving it. Mainly because Buddy the Elf is my spirit animal!

    Watch the movie Elf this Christmas season–you won’t be disappointed!

    Anyways, this may be a little late cause most of you have already been doing all the Christmas activities and visiting of cool Christmas places. However, there are still 6 days left, and I am going to share my favorite places to visit here in Nashville that give me all the holiday feels for the season. These are in no particular order.

    First is a new one to Nashville this year that I have already bragged on all over my Instagram (see Instagram story highlights):

    GLOW Holiday

    Talk about a Christmas wonderland! This unfortunately is not a free entry like some of the other places I will share; however, I think it was worth the money.

    There are different attractions to walk through like an icicle tower, string lights to walk through, bridges to cross made of lights, etc. Most of the decorations are made of lights including the Christmas trees and reindeer scattered throughout throughout; I guess it is called GLOW. Therefore, everything GLOWS!

    There is also a giant present made of lights that has Santa’s workshop inside with a little show by the elves and other fun North Pole things. I actually never went inside Santa’s workshop, but it is probably equally as amazing as every other part of this place.

    There is also ice skating and ice tubing as options to do, but those activities have additional payments. Those attractions were pretty busy, so we opted not to do those. However, if the line was not so long, I was so down to try the ice tubing! It looked so fun!

    This attraction to visit is at First Tennessee Park—the baseball stadium in Nashville. You can find all the information and buy tickets in advance at their website by clicking HERE.

    This place is so worth it guys! I probably go a second time before Christmas and do more of the attractions! Here are some pictures of when we went last weekend.


    The second great Nashville recommended place to visit to get into the Christmas spirit is free:

    The Gaylord Opry Land Hotel

    This is a well known Nashville hotel that decorates to the nines for Christmas with many Christmas lights and decor throughout the whole hotel. They have a couple of giant rooms that look like the outdoors with tall ceilings and gardens that have lights hanging all around. They are cool rooms even without the Christmas decor. There is also an outdoor nativity scene to walk through.

    It is a treat just to walk around and gaze at the beautiful lights. Every year I find myself thinking about how long it must have taken to decorate the whole giant hotel because it is so extensive and ornate.

    It also has a giant Christmas tree perfect for pictures. I normally just walk around to see the lights, but there also is a room with Santa’s workshop to explore.

    I have yet to go this year, so here are some pictures from Google to show how much it is worth going to walk around and enjoy the Christmas decor!

    The third place I recommend checking out here in Nashville:

    The Dancing Lights of Christmas

    This is another attraction in Nashville with beautiful lights. It has actually changed locations since the last time I have been, but all the information with the address is linked below.

    This is a drive through of dancing lights. The coolest part is that there is a radio station that they tell you to set your car to, and the music matches the way the lights dance.

    It is a fun drive through, so grab friends and enjoy time together in the car through a Christmas wonderland.

    This is another one that is not free, but it is pricing by car. If you go with a group in one car, you can split the cost.

    All the information about this attraction can be found here including the address, pricing, and pictures. They also have an Instagram account: @thedancinglightsofchristmas


    Fourth—another favorite spot to walk around and look at lights at:


    Another beautiful Christmas attraction can be found at Cheekwood! This is another place to walk around their beautiful outdoor campus that they have beautifully decorated with Christmas lights.

    I think there is a small fee for admission. Once inside, they do have concessions, drinks, and a fire to make s’mores at!

    All the information for them can be found here. They also have a calendar of events on their website with other activities such as gingerbread house making if you are interested in doing more than just walking through the lights.

    Pictures from my visit last year and some from their Instagram.

    Fifth and finally check out:

    Santa’s workshop at the Green Hills Mall or Cool Springs Mall

    Finally a great place to visit for the last minute Christmas shopping is either The Green Hills Mall or The Cool Springs Mall. Both are decorated for the season, and they have a spot in the mall with the “North Pole” for anyone at any age to go see Santa Claus. Elves will take your picture to document the minute you meet Santa! Hopefully, he doesn’t smell like beef and cheese! 😉

    Happy frolicking through lights and attractions this Christmas season! If you are in Nashville, check out these places, and you won’t be disappointed!

    Any other favorite attractions that you all love to visit in Nashville or in your city?

    Love Always and Merry Christmas! Only 6 Days left until Christmas!

    Katie Girl




    Katie Garrett. Nashville Native. Critical Care Nurse. Belmont University Alum. DNP Student. Enneagram 2w3. Reader. Writer. Starbucks Lover. Jesus makes my heart happy. Daughter. Sister. Sister in Law. Cousin. Niece. Forever indebted to Jesus Christ.

    Find me on: Web | Instagram | Facebook


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