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  • Nashville Saturday at Arrington Vineyards


    Hello friends!

    Do you need Saturday plans?

    Here in Nashville, I highly recommend visiting Arrington Vineyards.

    This is a beautiful venue with picnic tables and land for the perfect gathering of friends. They have wine that you can purchase by the bottle or a tray of samples. For food, it is best to bring your own favorite cheeses and crackers, and then enjoy the food, wine, and friends.

    My friends and I did this a couple Saturdays ago, and I regret to admit that in my 26 years of living here—5 of them eligible to drink wine— I had never been to Arrington Vineyards.

    That was a mistake because it was so fun!

    Regardless of the fact that it was SCORCHING HOT, our sweaty selves had quite the time.

    Pictures of the venue and the fun that we had! Take a trip yourself, and you wont regret it!

    Dress is from Madewell. One of my all time favorite stores!

    This wine is absolutely incredible, and I was hoping it came in a bigger bottle to take home!

    Thanks for reading and being here!

    Love you all!

    Katie Girl


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