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  • NEW TANKS: Flattened the Curve. That’s how we Nashville.

    Happy May friends!

    It has been a LONG two months of social distancing and quarantining. However, Nashville and Tennessee did such a great job with following the guidelines to keep the peak/curve from spiking too high.

    We are not “out of the woods” by any means with this contagious virus, but guidelines are giving us more and more freedom. We are going by phases and make sure to stay updated on the guidelines so hopefully we can continue to progress rather than regress. 

    Phases can be found on the Tennessean or Nashville news. 

    Because of our successes and wanting a way to always remember this time, I thought a shirt commemorating our efforts was the perfect thing.

    Going into summer, I went with a sea foam green tank. I kept the back the original print from your classic “That’s how we Nashville” T-shirt. The front changed to commemorate the social distancing with “Flattened the Curve. That’s how we Nashville.” With a straight line design. 


    It’s the comfort colors brand of tank. If you know that brand, you know how soft the material is and how pigmented the colors pop.

    It’s something to wear proudly as we continue and cautiously open back up as a city and hopefully allow for some social activities! 


    I hope you like them as much as I do. 

    Head over to “SHOP” to buy your own! 

    Link here.

    Love always, 

    Katie Girl 


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