• Friends — Hello!! So, a couple days ago was a great first nursing shift orienting …

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  • Hello friends! I hope everyone has been having such a fabulous January! It is so …

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  • Wow! Happy last day of 2020! In some ways, this felt like the longest year ever, …

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  • Merriest Christmas Friends!  I am a few days late, but is it ever too …

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  • Hello Friends! So for my very first guide gift (I know so late to the …

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  • Wow Wow. What’s up friends!? It has been a minute. Yah turn 27, and …

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  • Hello Friends! So as some of you may know, July is my birthday month!  …

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  • Hello friends! Today, I wanted to share something recently on my heart that I’…

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  • An Ode to 4B: The Unit I Learned to be a Nurse
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    Travel before Quarantine: Big Sky, Montana
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    Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mother!
    “God-confidence”: You are Enough.
    I can’t forgive you yet…
    Nashville: It’s a Vibe
    A Spirit of Authenticity
    Appreciate the Journey
    Nashville Saturday at Arrington Vineyards
    Jesus, Our Friend!
    Life Lately: Roomie was back in Town!
    Death is Not the End.
    Birthdays: Thank you for a Fabulous Day!
    Adulting: Some Lessons Learned…
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    Giving Thanks in All Circumstances
    Playing Cards?
    THE CANDLE BAR Unicorn Birthday Celebration
    My Drive to Work…
    “Goliath Must Fall”: The Giant of Fear
    What I’m Reading: “Goliath Must Fall” Part 1
    Colorado, you are pretty cool.
    I am Sorry I Forgot Your Sprite…
    The Hard Part of Nursing
    Competition isn’t always Bad
    Bloom Where your Planted
    A Light in the Darkness
    Unfathomable Love, Unexplainable Grace
    Encouraging Hearts, Encouraging Words
    What I’m Reading: “Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith”
    Praying Continuously
    Rejoicing through Heartbreak and Tragedies
    Don’t Let Comparisons Steal Your JOY
    EnJOYing the Journey: “Rejoice Always”
    In the Word Wednesday: See the Unseen
    Beauty is God Inspired
    Timeless Truths: The World is not the Standard
    Junior High Camp 2015: Those moments when God becomes a Reality
    Crafty Nuggets of Truth
    Uplifting Letters: All Things are Possible with Christ
    Uplifting Letters: Never too Young
    Uplifting Letters: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
    2015 Begins
    The Wooden Cross was always meant to HEAL
    Falling in Love with the One Most Worthy
    In the Word Wednesday: Being Transformed
    Sunday Snippet of Motivation: Executing Responsibility
    Surrender Yourself: Lesson Learned in a Helpless Situation
    The Inspiration of Stories
    Respect HIS Authority
    Be Obedient…Even if it is Hard
    Movie Messages: Perfect Love drives out Fear
    Ringing in the New Year with a Movie Message
    Movie Messages: Our lives are Intentionally Arranged
    “Crave the Sweet Life”
    Worthy of HIS Perfect Love!
    A Sunday Special: 5 Mottos to Live By
    So much Greater
    Basis of Faith
    The Power of Friendship
    Self Discovery
    Chosen to Love
    Redeemed by Christ
    Let your Heart Beat with the Lord’s
    “What is unseen is ETERNAL”
    Be a RISK TAKER for God!


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