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  • Passions: CMA FEST 2019

    Anyone who knows me well knows this past weekend was one of my very favorite times of the year! It was the Nashville event: Country Music Association Festival or more commonly known as CMA FEST! I’ve attended every year (except one) since I was a freshman in high school, and it just keeps getting better. Each year, I have a new appreciation for the passionate artists, people, and country music. Furthermore, there is something special about looking for Jesus in this event, and in doing so, I learned a couple of things that I had not in the past.

    The fest is filled with so many talented artists fueled by their passion for country music, singing, and songwriting. It is so special to see the up and coming artists as well as the big stars that give their all to their performance.

    There are people throughout downtown who have traveled from many different places around the country and world just to see these artists and hear their songs. It is liberating to be in a crowd that connects because of our love for country music.

    Then, the fact that it is country music makes it all the better.

    In the midst of the festival this year, I found myself contemplating whether my love for this event has caused it to become an “idol” for me. I never want something to become a bigger deal than Jesus. It is a big event that I really look forward to, but I never want it to displace the Lord. I wanted honor Jesus in the event. I began to weigh out if this was possible or if I put too much emphasis on the event.

    I realized the following:

    1. I do have a strong passion for this event and country music; however, I can still remember, honor, and prioritize the Creator during the event due to the fact that this passion was placed on my heart by Him. It is unique to who He made me to be.
    2. Doing what we love makes God happy. The artists on stage work hard to develop these gifts of singing and songwriting that they were given. Their shining moments can be a beautiful depiction of the Lord. I saw Jesus in their performances as they were doing what they loved.
    3. Country music is temporary, and the CMA Fest 2019 has come to an end. However, God is NOT. God will never let us down and will never end. He is there yesterday, today, and tomorrow until forever. He will provide avenues for us to pursue our passions and thrive, but He never presents these opportunities to take the place of Him and his Love.
    4. It is important to have passions, but those passions should not become the master of our lives. Do what you love, but always remember your Creator who placed the love of that in your heart and allowed for this moment. Honor and put first the one that first ordained this passion.

    CMA Fest 2019 was so very fun, and I enjoyed each performance, star, and song. Every person had a passion in their hearts that drove them to go, but I hope for every person to know the Creator that placed that passion in their hearts. No passion that is pursued will ever be a sustainable foundation like Jesus Christ.

    Love Always,

    Katie Girl

    P.S. Don’t judge the photos. I am not a photographer!


    Special shoutout to my girl Jessica for the four day passes this year! 🙂







    Also enjoy some throwback pictures that I found from past CMA FESTS:


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