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  • Redeemed by Christ

    So this past Monday my purse was stolen on Belmont University’s campus.

    This is the college I attend, and before this incident I was naïve to the fact that
    there is evil in the world. Though this truly ruined my night, I believe in a
    God of redemption.

    I choose to look at the good in others, I choose to see the God in everyone, and I choose to forgive those who ask for it.

    God laid down his life for that man that stole my purse, and whether that man chooses to acknowledge God’s grace is up to him.

    God gave us the power of choice, and because of this we ALL have a decision to make on whether we will pick up our cross and follow him or ignore HIS love.

    I promise if you make the choice to follow Christ, you will never regret the decision!

    If you truly want to be loved like you NEVER have before, choose to get to know our father in heaven!

    Christ is one of the most beloved beings that you will ever come encounter with, and He loves you so much that He has redeemed you of ALL or your sins! It is human nature to sin, so WE ALL WILL SIN; however in Romans, Paul reassures us that, “[We] are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:24).

    Jesus LOVES us so much that every sin we have and will commit has and will be forgiven! If you choose to follow Christ, then you are as saved as you ever will be right now.

    This is one of the most powerful aspects of Christianity because we can and do not have to do anything to receive God’s grace. It is handed to us freely, so choose to do the right thing and choose to follow Jesus and act in a way that He would. It will only make this Earth more like Heaven.


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