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  • That Neighborhood Starbucks: Being Known and Loved

    Being fully known and fully loved: something really only God does perfectly. 

    It is one of the most beautiful attributes of God.  

    When those acts of love are exhibited by others here on Earth, it is a beautiful glimpse into their heart. That’s when you see Jesus in someone’s heart. 

    To see smiling faces every time you walk into a familiar, frequently attended place: You are seen, name is known, and hearts are open.

    If you know me, you know of my love for Starbucks or as I like to call it “BUCKIES”.

    I am a firm believer in the statement “You are never fully dressed without a latte” or in my case an iced coffee. That’s my fav. That’s what I get everyday with a specific number of pumps and certain kind of milk. From the same Starbucks. Unless I am out of town. In which case, I like to find the nearest Buckies for my daily iced coffee. 🙂

    *Disclaimer: I am working on this “diva” habit- send prayers!*

    Anyways, there is a Starbucks right down the road from my house that I get my iced coffee from every morning before work. On my days off from work, I go to that same Starbucks to do work or have quiet time, read, journal, etc.

    So I love Starbucks, and I really love THAT specific Starbucks.

    Starbucks is a chain coffee shop. Therefore, it is those little things like recognizing the “regulars” that will make a difference and set the shop apart. 

    It is so special when a barista asks “The regular?” and clicks in my drink, or a barista pulls my drink out as I walk in the door and says “Have a good day, Katie!” as I leave for work. It is the one positive even if the rest of the day is a hard one. 

    The wave or the remembering of the orders of the regulars is probably not in the Starbucks rule book. It is probably not going to make or break a job, but it is a perk that makes me continuously want to come back to this specific Starbucks. 

    It makes for uniqueness in the midst of being a chain coffee shop.

    This is just the same with people. We are humans that are drawn to those who make you feel known and loved. We flock to those that remember us: the small things, big things, quirky things, etc.

    Set yourself apart by being like Jesus, and make someone feel fully known and fully loved. 

    People love to be remembered, known, and loved no matter how difficult their drink order is at Starbucks or how many little quirks we have. 

    Be the one positive in the midst of someone’s life. 

    Let’s spend this week making people feel known, loved, and unique in the midst of the everyday!

    Love always, 

    Katie Girl

    P.S. The address of the Starbucks I am talking about is: 198 Westpark Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027

    Check this location out for some fabulous baristas, management, and set up of the shop!

    Also, I know there are many great Starbucks locations that have the same attributes, but this is just my home Starbucks that holds a special place in my heart!


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