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  • “That’s How We Nashville“ Features


    I am super excited for something new starting for the “That’s How We Nashville” brand.

    There are so many cool, talented, interesting residents in the city of Nashville. All have so much to share and offer, and I want to honor and encourage everyone’s journey.

    I love people, and I love Nashville. To marry those two passions, I want to feature different Nashville residents. Most features will be on my Instagram: Katiegirlhere.

    Each post will have a resident of Nashville with a kinda who, what, why caption. It will include what he or she loves about Nashville, hobbies, occupation, places to try, etc.

    A focus for the brand is kindness, so the featured Nashvillian will share how he or she gives and receives kindness in the everyday.

    I want each feature to be an encouragement to the one featured and also to the viewer of the feature. I want to share what he or she has to offer, what makes them thrive in Nashville, and how you can support his or her talent.

    Maybe the features will introduce you to your new favorite singer/songwriter, your new friend, a new inspirational person, a new follower, a new doctor/nurse, your next accountant, etc.

    Like I said there are so many cool people in Nashville, and I want their passion and their talent to be supported, encouraged, and shared. So follow Katiegirlhere and the blog to see all of the features! I am thinking about 2-3 features a month.

    Let’s all be kind, encourage, and love on others. That’s what allows for cultivating a thriving community. And That’s How We Nashville.

    Love always!

    Katie Girl



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