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  • The New Year: Approaching 2021

    Wow! Happy last day of 2020!

    In some ways, this felt like the longest year ever, but in other ways, it seemed to fly by!

    Regardless, WHAT A YEAR!

    I just did my last journal entry for 2020, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the irony of the word I made for 2020. It was COURAGE — and boy did we need courage this past year!

    It was a year of unknowns, and the unknown only causes fear. I needed courage in the midst of a fearful year. And we did it! I am definitely taking the word courage into the next year, but my new word is going to be SURRENDER. I did not come to that word lightly, but quite intentionally.

    With the new year, I was reminded of the quote, “I dont know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future”.

    I am actually not sure where or who it is from, but it is a quote I’ve heard before. It seems cheesy and cliche, but it is applicable. 

    With the year 2020 coming to a close and a new year approaching, I am so excited for the fresh start. I have seen so many memes about “taking the year slow” and also that it might not be as great as we anticipate. 

    Both are equally true. There are many ways the new year could go. January 2020 was a hopeful month for a great year, but by March things had turned upside down. 

    This is possible for 2021 too, although I am hoping things can’t get much worse. 

    Regardless, as I was reflecting on how to approach the new year, I was not focused on what could or couldn’t happen. Instead, I was pushing myself not to put so much hope in the fact that we get a new year, but to SURRENDER to the One that makes the new year possible.

    2021 could definitely have more disappointment than 2020. 2021 could also be the greatest year of the decade. 

    Whichever truth comes to fruition, there is still a peace to be found in the everyday. 

    It is found by restoring our hope and surrendering to something other than just a new year happening. 

    Yes, I am hopeful going into 2021, but I place my hope in something far greater than anything we can see in this life. It is not a new year that can change our lives. It is simply recognizing we are a broken race in a broken world, and we need a greater being to intercede. It is surrendering to another being, JESUS, who brings hope, peace, and joy. 

    So going into the new year, I am resting on this: “I dont know what 2021 holds, but I know who holds 2021”.

    My goal is to continue surrendering to my Maker everyday that is weaving together a far greater plan than I can see right now. He is breaking and shaping me daily, and anything less than surrendering to that Truth only produces a troubled heart.

    I am praying and yearning and begging for a good year, but whether it is good or not, the Lord is still good and still sovereign and still in control. 

    As Lysa Terkeurst says, “God is very good at being God”, even when we forget that. 

    Let’s surrender to the Lord this year and have the courage to continue believing and pursuing the Lord!

    May the Lord bless you all and Happy almost New Year!

    Love always!

    Katie Girl 


    Katie Garrett. Nashville Native. Cardiac Nurse. Belmont University Alum. Enneagram 2w3. Reader. Writer. Starbucks Lover. Jesus makes my heart happy. Daughter. Sister. Sister in Law. Cousin. Niece. Forever indebted to Jesus Christ.

    Find me on: Web | Instagram | Facebook



    1. Sam Murphy
      January 2, 2021 / 12:11 am

      Love this!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Also, that quote was definitely on the tea towel we gave Nannie for Christmas! 😂😂😂 Love ya!

      • January 3, 2021 / 5:53 pm

        Thank youuu Sam!!!! 🙂 And omg really?! Love it! Love you too girllll! Happy New year!

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