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  • The Wooden Cross was always meant to HEAL

    of the nature of God, most are skeptical about if there really is a God.
    Questions consist of how there could be such an omnipresent and all knowing
    God, and if there is this good God above, why is there such evil on Earth. To
    tackle this issue is almost impossible to do in this one post, but I came
    across an article the other day that reassured and opened my eyes to how
    INTENTIONAL God was from the beginning of time. He has a plan bigger than we can dream, and this plan began long before
    our time.

    have always heard that the reality of God can be seen through the foreshadowing
    of the events in New Testament that are found in the Old Testament. Now I have
    never truly dove deep into finding some of these moments, but in my efforts to
    find a healing remedy from God, I stumbled across a powerful example of the foreshadowing of Jesus coming to save and heal a
    bitter world.

    Back in Exodus when Moses was freeing the
    Israelites, they stumbled across many obstacles. One of these happened in
    Exodus 15 when they had no water supply, and then they found only bitter water.
    Through the pleas to God, He finally presented Moses with a wooden plank, and
    God told him to throw this into the water. From this, the water became sweet
    and drinkable, and the water renewed the Israelites for continuing their

    wood is an interesting thing to choose, and why would one want to put wood in
    their water. Well this was so purposeful by God. This was a
    foreshadowing of how JESUS would RENEW our HEARTS by the WOODEN CROSS.

    Years later, Jesus is
    sent down from God as well to save a fallen world bitter towards Him and God,
    but through planks of wood, the world is sweet for all His children’s journeys
    to begin.

    Since the beginning of time, God
    had an INTENTIONAL, INTRICATE, and PURPOSEFUL plan, and this plan HEALS all wounds and obstacles.

    is hard in a time of turmoil to try to put our trust in an unknown plan; however God has shown us through this example
    and many others that
    He has a plan to heal the world once
    again. So pick up your WOODen Cross and follow the One who is greater than ANY
    obstacle one may face (Matthew 16:24). 


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