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  • Timeless Truths: The World is not the Standard

    Happy Friday! My most recent addition to my quote wall is this one:

    I saw this quote on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, and I immediately knew it was my next sign to make for my quote wall. It is such a powerful sentence…such a simple statement that can make a huge impact on your day, your week, and your life. As a Christian, our mission is to influence others to pick up their cross and follow Jesus. It consists of “making fishers of men”. We are called to share the Truths we live by to others. We must continuously be trying to change our world to be more like the Kingdom of Heaven. God needs this from us. This quote may not be directly referencing our missions as Christians, but itcan be applied to any calling including the call God has for us. We must influence the world, and in order to change it, we must live according to the Bible and live as Jesus did. We have to be an example of what it means to live like Jesus lived. At times I find myself doing things that displease God, but I try to justify my actions using worldly standards. However, there is a flaw in my thinking because the world is not our standard. This is something I am having to constantly remind myself of because I am a fallen human with sinful tendencies. We were so blessed to be given a book filled with the Truths to live by, but we take advantage of these truths by trying to twist the verses to allow sinful actions. God wants His creation to become like Heaven and glorify Him, but it can never happen the more we live according to our own agenda. We must set ourselves apart, and by this, we can show the world the power, love, and life God brings! I hope this small truth for the day inspires you to live like Jesus lived, and the best part about our mission from God is that we never carry it out alone. God never calls us to do something that He expects you to do alone. God is with you always to help live out His Truths, and He is the only one that can give you a changed life. 

    Ask for His strength to set yourself apart. 

    Ask for His strength to facilitate change in you and your community. 

    Ask for His strength to live as Jesus did to influence the world and bring glory to the Kingdom of God. 

    I pray for these things for you!

    Love always! 


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