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  • Unfathomable Love, Unexplainable Grace


    The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are just the best.

    There is such a magic in the air. Everyone seems a little more thankful, a little more joyful, and a little more kind. Thanksgiving wraps up, and Christmas trees go up. We’ve counted our blessings on Thanksgiving, and now we wait for the celebration of King of the world’s humble entrance.

    As Christmas approaches, here are some recent tidbits I’ve been pondering on about God’s nature and the Christmas story.

    Most know the story about how Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. Mary obviously was in shock and most likely had no idea how much impact and miraculous her role was in that moment.

    God was at work.

    My science/nursing brain is often forced to think about things very logically. There are cause and effect nature to things. Most outcomes have logical explanation for how or why things occur.

    With God, things are not as simple. God’s goodness, miracles, and grace surpasses reason and logic.

    We live in a world where we use our reasoning to make decisions and choices; however, God’s goodness and love is not something we can make sense of. It is far too great. The fact that Jesus was born of a virgin is hard to wrap one’s mind around just as the fact that every single sin we have and will commit is forgiven.

    However, the illogical nature to both of these things does not make either of these false claims. Our God is just that amazing.

    His love for us is unfathomable, and His grace is as unexplainable as the story of God being a bush on fire talking to Moses. We cannot make sense of how amazing our God is, but do we give up on God because we cannot wrap our mind around how He is weaving together our lives’ masterpiece?

    HECK NO! That’s where faith comes in. Faith is believing in something even when we don’t quite understand every aspect. Faith is trusting in God even when it is hard.

    Mary did not understand God’s plan for her, but thank goodness she was faithful and trusted the Lord. For “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). God called Mary to carry His son, and even though her journey was tough, she was faithful that He was weaving together something good. God provided, and she was in the middle of a miracle.

    Her obedience and love and faith allowed for one of the greatest miracles in history. She had faith that surpassed her understanding of the situation just as we should. Just because we don’t always fully understand the miracles and stories of the bible, how God can forgive us for sins even when we can’t forgive ourselves, and how he is weaving together the triumphs and troubles in our lives for a masterpiece DOES NOT mean he is not up to something SO GOOD and so pure and so full of joy for each and everyone of us.

    God provides, and no matter how unreasonable or unfathomable or unexplainable, the Lord is GOOD and ALWAYS GOOD. Stay faithful to Him and that’s always the best decision regardless of logic or reason!

    Happy December! Rejoice and let His Spirit intercede during this Christmas Season!

    -Katie Girl

    *Top are pictures from my Thanksgiving and these below are pictures with my Christmas decorations up! It was the best blasting Christmas music and decorating!


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