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  • Uplifting Hearts, Uplifting Words

    Hello friends!

    Today, I wanted to share something recently on my heart that I’ve actually posted about previously on the blog.

    That post is linked here, and it talks about how it is important to surround yourself with people that build you up which I have found in my roommates over the years.

    Day in and day out and especially in the current times we are living in, I am constantly reminded of how much we need words said that build people up, rather than tear people down.

    We all need words of encouragement and reassurance.

    This starts in our hearts! As it says in Luke 6:45, it says “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (NIV).

    I believe in the good, and I cling to the fact that no one genuinely has a malicious nature in his or her heart. But hateful words are everywhere reflecting hardened hearts.  

    So what is the antidote? How can we soften our hearts? How can we spread encouraging words? How can we create an uplifting heart that therefore speaks uplifting words?

    Once we put a name to the why— that’s when things can change. 

    Here’s what I’ve come to discover:

    I’ll preface with some of these discoveries on this topic being points from an incredible book that I highly recommend, especially if you are struggling with living from a place of being loved by Jesus or if you find yourself consumed with negative thoughts about yourself.

    It is called Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely by Lysa Terkeurst.

    I cannot recommend it enough, and I would gladly read it again with you.

    As I’ve learned, a heart becomes hardened when it feels threatened.

    There’s been many times my heart has felt threatened whether that be because I felt lonely, rejected, unloved, or unsuccessful in comparison to another.

    I think that last one is a big one. When others succeed, it is tempting to compare or to think my own success and wants are being threatened.

    These threats cause me to feel down about myself. I get consumed with thoughts about myself that are not uplifting; therefore, I speak to others with those negative words that flood my own mind. If we are hateful to ourselves, we will be hateful to others as well.

    However, the reassuring and encouraging piece we miss is that our hearts should not be threatened or burdened, because we were created by a beautiful and perfect Designer with a specific purpose and mission that no one else can fulfill.

    Those threats and negative words that fill our minds don’t hold any merit against what the Lord says about us!

    We are perfectly perfect with our own “brand of beautiful” and a mission that we were perfectly designed to fulfill. And no one else’s success or accomplishment will ever affect your success. 

    With a reassurance of us already being “good enough” and doing great things, our hearts are freed from hardening to any threat.

    And a freed heart produces freeing, loving words to others.

    There is no threat to the heart that is bigger than the promises made by the One that made your heart in the first place.

    If we believe that, we can live from a place of being loved, and even if we are spoken to with harsh words, we also have the reassurance of knowing they are not true.

    I pray for uplifted hearts that know their worth, because if our hearts are freely living reassured by the love and the purpose of our lives, that’s when we can speak life giving words that build us up as friends, a community, and a world!


    You are a treasure to the world!

    Love Always,

    Katie Girl


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