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  • Uplifting Letters: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

            So I have been thinking a lot
    recently on what I want my next step to be with my blog and about why I started
    the blog in the first place. My aim has always been to bring encouragement and love to those who need it. With this as my goal, I have decided to steer
    my blog towards writing uplifting
    to my readers. I want to be intentional
    about sharing messages based off scripture that will change/make one’s day.
    Each letter will aim to make my readers feel loved, wanted, worthy,
    desirable… it will be a place of comfort for anyone who needs words of
    encouragement. For those that already feel super loved, these can just be

    Also if you are interested in my other posts– they are little
    nuggets of truth that I encountered in my walk with the Lord over the past

    This Uplifting Letters series may not always be my direction, but for
    now, letter #1:

            For my first letter, I find it appropriate to use a verse that is my
    foundation for all these uplifting letters. Many of you may have heard this
    verse before, but it is commonly used to find security in who the Lord made us
    to be. It is found in Psalms 139:14, and it says:

    I praise you because I am
    fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full

    YOU are made
    perfectly in Christ, and he wove together a plan for YOU back at the beginning
    of time. There is NO ONE that is
    “YOUer than YOU” (I believe Dr. Seuss said that—wise man!).
    are the only one that can fulfill the plan God made for you. We were all made
    so unique and beautiful and different, and if
    it weren’t for you being born there would be incompleteness to the Kingdom of

    You are so special and so loved. You are beautiful. Find security in the fact that everyone is a
    star in eyes of the only one that matters, and you are the superhero in God’s
    specific intricate plan for YOU.

    Love always!

    G2G (Glory to God)


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