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  • What I’m Reading: “Goliath Must Fall”


    This book y’all. Just wow.

    “Goliath Must Fall” by Louie Giglio: I highly recommend this read. Growing up, I was never huge reader mainly because I never had the time to read for leisure, and I never felt that good at it. Post college, I’ve grown to love it especially those that push me in my faith, but I still tend to stray towards easier reads. This book was definitely that; I was flying through the pages. Not only is it full of so much truth, but it is relatable, accurate, and uplifting.

    First off, Louie Giglio is a remarkable author that truly uses his gifts well through writing. This book is a testament to that. He captures the reader with the first two chapters, and I remember thinking “how is it possible that I am only two chapters in because of how much truth has already been unfolded?!” Because of that, I have already posted about a couple of chapters (here and here) before I had finished the whole book. Now having finished it, I can speak accurately to how incredible the book is as a whole.

    It is a book that uses the story in the Bible “David and Goliath” found in 1 Samuel 17 to highlight how everyone of us encounter “Goliaths” or giants that seem so big and so tall as if they will never go down. However, with the right technique aka Jesus on our side, our giants do not stand a chance. He highlights 5 different struggles that he believes are giants that we face: fear, rejection, addiction, anger, and comfort.

    Giglio keeps it so relatable in that the 5 “giants” he chooses to write on encompass a great amount of struggles everyone encounters. At the beginning of the book, I thought only two or three applied to me, but by the end of the book, I had related to all 5 of the topics that Giglio claims are giants tying us down. These giants keep us from relishing in God’s Glory and keep us from sharing Jesus with the world. When we are tied down submitted to giants of sinful things, we are unable to live life to the full; therefore, we are unable to shine the light on God and His love and glory.

    Not only is it relatable, but it is so accurate. I found myself the whole book thinking “THAT IS SO TRUE”. It pinpointed and convicted me left and right in the best ways. After each chapter, I had a new tool in my tool belt to tackle those times that I felt alone, discouraged, fearful, anxious, addicted to the wrong things, and/or playing it safe.

    Finally, this book is so uplifting. At the beginning of the book, Giglio reassures us that he is sharing all these tools to help tackle our giants, but NEVER is the book alluding to us having to use our own abilities to try harder. It is just simply highlighting statements that are ALREADY true about God. God has already defeated the devil and our giants, but they still try to intercede. Giglio highlights how our giants can still “call our name”, but Jesus is ready to be our strength to keep them dead when we ask and call out to Him. As we grow closer to Jesus, we move further and further from the dead giants calling our name and trying to trap us.

    As I’ve said, I highly encourage this read for everyone. It convicted and guided me on living more free from the burdens or struggles life throws at us. I was uplifted and provided tools to thrive in life. That tool is Jesus, and it is by running to Him that our dead giants stay dead, we live more free, and God gets all the glory.

    Love always,

    Katie Girl




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