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  • So much Greater

    So I just finished the movie The Lorax based off a Dr. Seuss book, and it amazes me how such a
    simple movie carries so many nuggets of truth. This movie is set in a world
    where everything is material with no nature at all. One boy, Ted, cares a lot
    about where the trees went, so he seeks out “The ONCE-LER” who knows about the
    trees and where they went. Before the world where Ted lives, the Once-ler cut
    down all the trees to become successful, and because of him, trees are no more.
    The Lorax, who is the guardian over nature, warned the Once-ler about the trees
    becoming no more, but he did not listen. Ted cares so much about the trees, and
    in the movie, he becomes a voice for the trees. The Once-ler gives Ted a seed.
    To Ted this seed is insignificant, but the Once-ler explains that this seed may
    seem small,

    BUT it is not about what it IS, it is about what it can BECOME.

    can be applied to all aspects of our life. We all have SO much potential to
    accomplish SO many great things, even though we may not see it or believe it at
    this moment. Just as a tree only takes water and sunlight to become something
    beautiful, each of us needs simple ingredients to carry out a great purpose
    that God has in store for us. Each day set out to change some aspect of your
    life. We have a limited amount of time on this earth, so BELIEVE that you can
    BECOME something great. SET out to make a difference.
    You may be small, just as the seed to a
    tree, but with God, you can become something so much greater. 


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